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Making the experience of living, working, relaxing, being entertained and moving on the water accessible to all.

Meeting the needs of ports and harbours to innovate, animate and navigate on their waterways.


Citysurfing, founded, directed and managed by Christophe Gallineau, is a design and construction team concentrating on creating exceptional and unique solutions at sites on the banks of waterways and for Fluvial Navigation.

Each project proposes new services and entertainment ideas to make the experience of navigation and the pleasure of being on the water more enjoyable, accessible and qualitative.

A Citysurfing project responds to a need in the general interest of each individual territory or ecosystem.

The solution proposed to meet these needs is devised by experts in navigation and fluvial tourism and also to insure high quality service.

The Seine Valley, its territories, its expertise, are at the heart of the design process, realization, delivery, operation and development.

>Project completion cycle: 36 to 42 months

>Investment: from 4 to 35 million €

>Local sector used in the industrialization and urban logistics / building process

>Jobs created
• design & construction phase: 200 people involved for 18 months - design, construction and successful completion - all Made in France
• Operational phase: 30 to 80 permanent contracts created to sustainably operate future activity

>Customers or partners:
agglomeration, ports, public domain manager, tourist or hotel operators, industrialists, region for collaborative dynamics and open innovation, Olympic organizing committee ...

>Budget preliminary studies and budget sustainability: from 50 to 300 K € upstream of the start of a project

>Project operational phase:
In cruising speed:
• 365 days of operation per year
• 10 to 24 hours of operation per day
• 4 to 30 million € of annual turnover per project developed
• Production of royalties for occupation of the public domain and VAT

> 3 solutions for the economic model:
• the user finances the service,
• a mixed private & public finances service,
• the funding of the service is by public finance

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